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Woof, woof and welcome!

We have created this web site to inform you about Pup Play (Pupplay, Human Pupplay, or Puppyplay) and everything connected with it. What is Pup Play?
Pup Play is role play. The puppy world is inclusive, a puppy is just a puppy. And a puppy can be anything: Lesbian, gay, bi, trans*, inter, queer, or hetero.

Pup play is life style and BDSM fetish – which also means while pup play can be sexual, it doesn't necessarily have to be. Some puppies just love to break out of their daily routine play-ing with others and get into a playful, carefree role. Others enjoy the moments that arise from the relationship between them and their handler: To be told what to do and obey their handler. Or they playfully do rank fights in the pack: Who is the Alpha dog, who the Beta, and who has to take the role of Omega? Or they enjoy the game as an additional stimulus during sex. The boundaries are fluid and everyone is allowed to enjoy being as he likes the most.

You also want to be a puppy? Or maybe you're looking for a puppy yourself to lovingly educate and play with? Then you are at the right place, because here you will also find many links to regional meetings. Just drop by and get to know the colorful pack!

If you have any further questions, our team will be glad to be your contact person.
We wish you a lot of fun on our web site and with pup play! *WAG*

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