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Puppy Germany

We had an idea

…and we didn’t know how much work was behind it.

After the election of the ‘Puppy Germany 2018’, dear Finn and his team didn’t really know what to do. A young German community with lots of wishes and ideas. But how do you bring it all together? The idea finally brought us to a website: a place where you can find current flyers, information about dog play, upcoming events and connections to the community.

And what became of it? Well, first of all a ‘lite’ version. On the one hand you can’t do everything at once with only a few people – and on the other, quality needs time. Sometimes it’s not easy to get a big bunch of people together under one hat. Nonetheless, we want to start the attempt to create exactly that, and to have a common community project at the end of it.

We will gradually integrate more functions and projects, but for that we definitely need a few more paws.

Maybe you’d like to contribute your ideas?

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As the title says, the idea of the website came from dear Finn. In the beginning it was just an idea to provide the Pupplay Flyer, which should become a central contact point for the German pup play community. He’s one of the contact people for the website and Facebook page, and takes care of donations, flyers and basic organisation and planning.


Baxxter is the second culprit in the pack. Everything that doesn’t work on the website and Facebook page is his fault. He is the contact person for the technical implementation of the website and organization around social media. In addition, he maintains and manages the calendar and appointments.

The ‘Wuffelblog’ is also a small subproject in which Baxxter occasionally posts guides, interviews and exciting news.


Don really is our mother for everything. His tasks include networking both inside and outside Germany. He is in constant contact with the various communities, and brings fresh ideas and feedback to our projects. As founder and admin of the German Telegram group, he is also the contact person for all problems with that.

Unsere Helfer


Akamaru is the newest member of our team and responsible for events. He helps to collect events, enter them in the calendar and share them on Facebook to keep everything up to date. This is sometimes a time-consuming job, which should not be underestimated.



Phil is our design pup. He designed the logo of and is responsible for other cool graphics on the website.


Puppy Brexit

Great thanks to our tea drinking friend Brexit for the lovely english text. Without him we had to need years.Ein großen Dank an unseren Teetrinker Brexit für das liebevolle Erstellen der englischen Texte. Ohne Ihn hätte das wohl Jahre gedauert. As the only not really Pupplayer in the league we are glad to get help from outside the community as well. The dear Briton was also named just like us.

und wer bist DU?

We’re always on the lookout for active people who want to help us with our projects. Especially in such a young community, there is a lot to do and organize.

Would you like to organize an event yourself? Or would you like to work on different longer-term project? Then get in touch with us. You’ll find a form on the contact page.