Puppy Germany

Rheinfetisch and a group of puppy and fetish enthusiasts worked together in 2018 to establish the first “Puppy Germany” titleholder in the traditions of the “Mister” fetish titleholders. They want to support and bring together the queer German puppy community, allowing them the opportunity to elect a titleholder who can represent and strengthen the puppy community in Germany as well as internationally.

“Puppy Germany” is a titleholder in the traditions of other titleholders in the queer fetish scene. The role of the titleholder is to serve as an ambassador and representative of the queer puppy fetish community, helping people learn about the puppy community and to support and strengthen that community.

The titleholder is expected to act with dignity and respect and serve as a role model in the community. The titleholder carries the title for one year. As a member of the global titleholder network, the titleholder will be eligible and invited to participate in various national and international fetish events during their title year.

Germany’s modern Puppy Community is young, small and very diverse. Puppy Germany shall express its Zeitgeist – especially the idea of gender equality and the equal status of sexual orientation. Terminologies like male or female don’t live up to standards anymore. Humans can only be happy if they accept themselves for who they are, especially as they find themselves as HUMAN.

Further information of the current titleholder and the next election is available at puppygermany.de