Flyer and FBQ

Have you often seen people walking around in dog masks, but not understood what it’s all about? Maybe you’ve already read a lot about pup play and you’d like to try it out yourself, but you don’t know how? Are you looking for connections to the community, and want to meet other pup players? In our “prevention and education” section, we explain with the fetish is about, and what you should know as a beginner.

The flyer is a good place to start as the first orientation guide. Originally designed by the K9 Unit in San Francisco, it has since been translated into German and French and adapted to the specifics of the local communities. It’s already present in the LGBTIQ* scene and is becoming increasingly popular thanks to support from the community. You can view all three versions online or order a copy of the German version from us.

If you want to get deeper into the topic or the flyer has not answered all your questions, then you should definitely visit our FBQ, which offers lots more information. Among other things, you’ll learn what a pack is all about, where you can get your gear, where to find your way to the community and much more.