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Need A Paw

Everyone sometimes has a bad day. But when problems last longer, sometimes you need help:

"Need A Paw" is a collection of counseling services of the LGBTIQ* community established in October 2018. At its core, "Need A Paw" consists of a selection of different offers regarding exclusion, bullying, violence, sexuality, and health. The special thing here is that the various partners have been sensitized to the subject of Pup Play in order to understand how our colorful community is ticking. All proposals offer professional help and of course are free.

Unfortunately, most of these offers are only available in German:

Advisory services from the Deutsche Aidshilfe (German AIDS help)

Telephone and online advice for questions about HIV or STIs. Personal advice all over Germany. Op^en to all genders

Advisory services from ICH WEISS WAS ICH TU (IWWIT.de)

Personal and online advice for gay men. IWWIT also offers advice on fetish.

Advisory services for lesbian women

LesMigraS is an anti-discrimination and anti-violence counseling center for lesbian women.