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We together with "Fetisch ist grenzenlos"

Behind the platform "Fetisch ist grenzenlos" ("Fetish is limitless") stand the social workers of the "leather and fetish clubs of Germany, Austria and Switzerland", organized in the "LFC Leather & Fetish Community". Here you get first-hand knowledge regarding fetish, sex and lust. The platform is supported by the "ICH WEISS WAS ICH TU " ("I KNOW WHAT I DO") campaign regarding all issues about HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STI). Although the pages focus on the pleasure factor, one should not lose sight of the risk factor. But what are the risks? Whether it is HIV, hepatitis, STI or injuries: 100% safety does not exist. Sure, you can do without certain things – but in some cases probably very reluctantly. Maybe you also want to try certain games and practices, but do not know if they pose health risks?

The website "Fetisch ist grenzenlos" wants to give you some information on how to live your sexuality even more varied. Here you will find information about the different types of fetish. It is important to be well informed, to know what you want and what your sexual partner wants. And above all: How to live and love with risks.

Meanwhile, Human Pup Play is also represented on the platform as a fetish. Through the cooperation between the Leather & Fetish Community and Pupplay.de we try to offer the most comprehensive overview possible of all kinds of practices and to provide all important information about them.

Fetisch ist Grenzenlos