Pup play weekends

There are many local events for pup players. But sometimes you may desire for more. Beside the big general fetish events like Folsom and Easter Berlin, some more specific pup play events were established. All events can be found in our calendar of course. But if you need more detailed information you definitely have to check out the linked sites.


Every year the TLC hosts a doggy weekend in Erfurt around Pentecost. It is the most famous one in Germany. Many pups take part and you always have to be fast booking your ticket. The schedule is very nice. It contains everything from party to ball area. Even playing outside is possible.


The Kennel places importance on playing. Many excited and doggy like games are prepared instead of party. The schedule is more relaxed and the rules are strict. In return you have always the possibility to have long duration play without interruption. Its perfect to get into the Headspace.


Puppy Circuit is one of the newcomers. It started the first time during easter Berlin 2019. It is some kind of additional schedule on easter and adds some very nice puppy events. The organizers involve the community. So everybody can participate organizing the weekend.

Puppy Weekend München

Munich puppy weekend is a newcomer just like Berlin. It will start 2019 the very first time. This event is created by many ethusiastic woofers and it will be fun joining it for sure.


If you are looking for events next to Germany you may be interested into the LMC Vienna puppy weekend. It takes place during autumn in vienna and has a similar focus like the puppy weekend in Erfurt.